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Virtual league

Matches are played between teams situated in different places and played in different times. Games are recorded and the winners are assigned in terms of the PPD/MPR obtained. Operators can create a Virtual League with all the teams registered at any or all of his Radikal Darts ® machines, irrespective of the geographical location. The Virtual Leagues presents countless advantages, because thanks to the Remote Refereeing System ® (includes cameras, laser and others sensors) that records the games, the operator can see the games from a PC and an Internet connection. The operator validates the results and the software send immediately the information to the machines, where the player can check the updated information. With this system, the team can play always in their usual premises and the players can play at any time they wish to (they will be refereeing later with the Remote Refereeing System®). It is important to mention that as the machine always takes the best mark of each player of the team, all players in the team play and contribute.

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